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The Nºthing Factory is a multi-source, improvisational, electronic music project for workshops and performances.


Our Factory is set up with eight synchronised samplers as workstations, each with its own speaker. The samplers are very easy to use, providing an accessible and creative introduction to making electronic music. It’s a bit like a drum circle with awesome sounds.


The workshop leader acts as foreman and manages a rhythmic pulse which synchronises the samplers. At each workstation an operative controls their sampler and we start making those awesome sounds. Music can be composed for the Factory, but the Factory can also act as an improvisation format.


In performance, the audience is corralled in this circle of workstations to create an arena of multi-source electronica. The Factory is battery powered and social-distance friendly.


Interested in creating your own Factory of sounds? Book us to run a workshop and get ready to make some beats.


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